About Us

All Generations Counseling, Coaching and Consulting (“All Generations”) is designed to meet a variety of needs on the psychological spectrum.

Counseling: mental health counseling/therapy is available for individuals, couples, families and groups; children, adolescents, adults and seniors. Help with a range of emotional needs, including: depression, anxiety, loss & grief, relational difficulties (whether couples/marital or parent-child), parenting, attachment, behavioral issues, chronic physical health problems, support for those dealing with others’ mental health issues.

Coaching: support through transitional times; parenting in this challenging world; professional support.

Consulting: advocating for a child’s learning needs by working with a teacher or school or making recommendations for accommodations; presenting to schools regarding particular disorders or populations; helping supervisors get more from their employees or building a team atmosphere.

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 397 Fulton St., Elgin, IL 60120                                                                                           (224) 377-9241 (3Psych1)


***Dr. Dougherty is now on Blue Cross/Blue Shield of IL, Cigna and ComPsych!